Quick Note: Changing the Game

When I started this blog it was my intention to focus on nothing but retro games (or SD games, as I like to call them). As I’ve gone along, I’ve realized there are certain topics that will take more time for me to appropriately address, and that leaves me somewhat sparse with content. I’ve also jumped  back into a lot of contemporary games lately.

So after some thought, I’ve decided I’m going to broaden my focus for Backtracking and expand on what I want this blog to be. The focus here will now be on games in general, however, I do still intend to give a lot of attention to retro games. I just find myself experiencing a decent amount of contemporary games and wanting to write about them. Hopefully, changing things up a little bit will bring more content for you to read.

Thanks for your understanding, and I hope you enjoy all of the new content to come!

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